Sunday, January 10, 2016

Planning a hunting trip for a group.

Its that time of year again to start planning your hunting vacation.  Some tips to remember when planning a trip for a group of hunters.
  • Plan early. Many folks are trying to book a trip for certain dates that will work in everyone's schedule.  If you don't plan early enough, it is hard to get the exact dates you may want.
  • Free lance or all inclusive hunting resort.  Things may seem less expensive on your own, but what most don't realize is that there are many added expenses that will make the trip cost more then an all inclusive destination in the long run.  Expenses such as meals, lodging (pet friendly), car rental, finding quality hunting land, and the time reserved to do all of these things. 
  • Get deposits from everyone going early.  Everyone has the friends that say they are going, but when the trip gets closer...they always have an excuse.  Deposits will commit people to go and will lower stress as the trip gets closer. 
  • Pick a destination that works well with an airport.  Flying is the new norm, but there are plenty of obstacles when traveling.  Your gear, gun, or other bags may not make it in time or the airport may be a long drive away from your destination.  If you are heading to a place close to an airport, this simplifies many headaches.
  • Pick hunting friends that have fun.  No one likes to be out hunting with someone that cant be pleased or is always complaining.  The people you are hunting with will impact how much you will enjoy the experience.
These are just a few examples of things you should think about before you pick a hunting trip.  If you would like more help on getting a trip planned for your hunting party, please give us a call @ 701-367-3737.  We would be glad to help.