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September e-newsletter

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September e-newsletter!
Rolling Plains Adventures is excited to keep you updated through monthly e-newsletters highlighting all the adventures occurring on the Black Leg Ranch in North Dakota. Feel free to share your comments with us via facebook or e-mail.

Monthly e-newsletters will feature hunting news and facts in North Dakota, projects being worked on for the next hunting season, and an alternating feature column from "The Stand" - focusing on deer, "The Blind" - focusing on waterfowl, or "The Field" - focusing on pheasants.

Corey, from Wisconsin, harvested the first buck of the season on September 2.

Jacob, from Minnesota, joined the fun and got his buck in velvet on September 5.

Feature Column

Jeremy Doan, Rolling Plains Adventures

Who's getting excited for hunting this fall? We sure are! All the planning and hard work during the off season will finally start coming together this month at Rolling Plains Adventures. We have been busy fine tuning the lodges, scouting the big bucks, conditioning the hunting dogs, going through decoys and gear, and so much more!

There will be a new addition in the Grand Lodge this season that everyone should enjoy. I would tell you what it is, but everyone will find out soon enough. Hint....It has to do with hunting and it will be very entertaining.
Before and After Book
of the Grand Lodge

From the original Doan Ranch House back in the 1800s, to the Grand Lodge that it is today has been a huge transformation. We wanted to keep the history of the house, therefore the frame of the house remained with additional roof lines added and walls removed to make the lodge more open.

The Grand Lodge is where the meals are served, friends are made, games are played, and drinks are served at the Ranch Saloon. Check out the link below to see the before and after pictures from the lodge in 2010 to the remodel that finished in June 2012.
Tips for Preparing Your Dog for Hunting Season

Rolling Plains Adventures has hunted with labs and German Shorthaired Pointers for many years. Currently they have many German Shorthaired Pointers, one mixed German Shorthaired Pointer, labs, and the newest addition is a Springer Spaniel named T.J.

Preparing your dog(s) for hunting season is very important and should be something you do throughout the year. Here are some tips to prepare your dog for hunting season.

1. Work on obedience such as sit, heel, stay, come throughout the year.
2. Give the dog adequate amounts of exercise to get it in shape.
3. Make sure the dog is up-to-date on all shots.
4. To increase the dog’s endurance and toughen their pads, run them on all types of soils and terrain.
5. Feed your dog after (not before) it hunts or exercises to avoid stomach irritation.
Get RPA Gear!
We have Rolling Plains Adventures hooded sweatshirts, short sleeve t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts, all in a variety of colors and sizes.

RPA clothing will be available year round.

If you are interested in purchasing Rolling Plains Adventures gear, email for more information.
The Blind:

Waterfowl season opens September 22 in North Dakota and it looks like a great crop of ducks and geese this year. If anyone hunted last year, there were too many potholes around for them to land in. This season, we are looking at much less water and more ducks. The crops will probably be a couple weeks ahead of schedule also. The daily limit for Canada geese is 3, with a possession limit of 6. The daily limit for ducks is 6, with a possession limit of 12. The daily bag limit of 6 ducks may include no more than 5 mallards of which only 2 may be female mallards, 2 redheads, 3 wood ducks, 2 pintails, 1 canvasback.

We are pumped to start hunting all the waterfowl this season. Bring plenty of ammo!!!
The Stand

Bowhunting is in full swing now and we have had a very successful start so far. Two bucks have been harvested and many mature bucks have been spotted. We currently have plenty of bucks in the 140-160" range patterned very well.

Congrats to the bowhunters that arrowed their buck already and good luck to the future bowhunters on the ranch.
The Field:

Pheasant season opens October 13. Numbers are still looking high and we were fortunate enough to get a few inches of rain in the last few weeks to add some extra cover. The young roosters are cackling and getting full color.

Only one more month until we hit the fields chasing those wild birds!!
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