Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Deer herd outlook at Rolling Plains Adventures

I went out scouting today and counted probably 1000 deer within 5 square miles. I was very impressed by the amount of mature bucks that had made it through the hunting season. I seen the big 9 that is roughly a 170" buck, I seen the big 10 with the split brow, I also seen over 50 bucks that were 135" plus.

Deer in the South Woods on the ranch

Right before dark I watched a big 10 (160's) and a big 8 (150) that were still aggressive towards each other. It seemed they were chasing does around still. I was hoping to find some sheds, but it looks like everything is still attached. I guess that is a sign of a healthy deer herd.

Deer out feeding on the ranch

Monday, February 11, 2013

This Week at the Ranch!

Just another winter week on the ranch these past few days.  We did have warmer weather though that brought out all the ring neck pheasants to the roadside.  It was a nice site to see so many pheasants this time of year looking so healthy.  Not only are the pheasants strong and healthy, but the deer look very well conditioned also.  We are pulling all of the deer cameras this week so stay tuned for some good photos from some of the big bucks that made it through the hunting season!