Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Buck Down!

Another Big Buck Down!

Chris, from Georgia, shot this nice Whitetail at Rolling Plains Adventures this September on the first day and first hour of the hunt!  Lets hear the story.

It was Saturday evening and Chris was getting packed up  from the lodge on the ranch to head out hunting.  The weather was a little warm, but the wind was perfect.  We left for the stand at about 5:30 and Chris was settled in the stand by 6.  Last light is around 9:30 at this time of the year.

With only a few minutes of sitting, here comes a doe right to the stand.  It moved back and forth into the corn field for the next hour or so, so when it appeared again, Chris assumed it was the doe.  It was a buck this time.  A nice 9 pointer.  Without hesitation, Chris went through his checklist in his head to make the perfect shot.  When he knew it was a shooter, he told himself that it will be like shooting another doe to keep him calm.  At about 20 yards, Chris went full draw with his arrow pointing right at the buck.  At about 7 pm, the arrow was released right into the vitals.  Perfect shot!

The buck ran about 90 yards before going down.  What a perfect way to end your hunt on the first day....first hour of your hunt! 

Congrats Chris!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Youth Pheasant Weekend Oct. 5-6

Youth Pheasant Weekend Oct. 5-6

Monday, September 23, 2013
North Dakota’s two-day youth pheasant season is Oct. 5-6. Legally licensed residents and nonresidents ages 15 and younger may hunt roosters statewide.
Resident youth hunters, regardless of age, must possess a fishing, hunting and furbearer certificate and general game and habitat license. Nonresident youth hunters from states that provide a reciprocal licensing agreement for North Dakota residents qualify for North Dakota resident licenses. Otherwise, nonresident youth hunters must purchase a nonresident small game license.
Shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. Youth ages 12 and older need to have passed a certified hunter education course. The daily bag limit and all other regulations for the regular pheasant season apply.
An adult at least 18 years of age must accompany the youth hunter in the field. The adult may not carry a firearm.
See the 2013 North Dakota Small Game Hunting Guide for additional information.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Corey Scores again @ Rolling Plains Adventures

Corey returned this fall for another opening weekend bow hunt at the ranch.  Bow season opened labor day weekend or Friday at noon.  Corey stated "I am not going to shoot my buck early this year, like I did last year."  Well Corey, you waited until your second nights hunt to score this buck. 

It was Saturday evening in the stand (bee hives stand) and it seemed like a perfect night.  We dropped Corey off around 5 PM and we received a call by 7PM.....BIG BUCK DOWN! 

This buck came right in to about 20 yards of the stand.  Corey drew back his bow and slammed his arrow perfectly into the vitals of this buck.  The buck only ran about 100 yards, and it was over.  We went right to the buck for some field photos, and were out of the area one hour before dark! 

This buck is going to look great on your wall Corey, great job again!