Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 Pheasant Hunting Season Outlook

It is now mid June in North Dakota and the first groups of baby pheasants are starting to show.  We counted close to 10-12 chicks with each hen so far!  This is great news because it proves that the hens are healthy and strong from his past winter. 

Most areas throughout North Dakota received very cold winter weather and plenty of snow this past year.  At Rolling Plains Adventures, we had the cold weather, but we hardly received any snowfall.  The birds had plenty of food and cover to make it through and now are proving to be very productive.  These are all wild birds, so they can thrive in harsh conditions.  We are seeing strong numbers of hens and roosters on the roads each day....more then we have seen the past two years during nesting season. 
If the weather stays warm with just the right amounts of rainfall, this year could be a very strong year for pheasants at the ranch.