Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 Pheasant Hunting Season Outlook

The nesting season for the ring neck pheasant is still going strong.  Some have hatched, but many of them are still on the nests.  There is a strong number of hens on their nests, so it is great news if the conditions cooperate.

There is a strong bug population right now and the weather is turning warm.  These are ideal nesting conditions for the pheasants.  We have received above average rainfall this year.  In June alone, we received about 13 inches of rainfall.  At least all the rain has created more bugs for food, plenty of cover, and plenty of drinking water for the chicks.

If we do get a strong hatch, we are very excited to get out into the fields this fall.  We have changed so much of the habitat and added so many new fields.  All the guides are ready to take hunters out this fall, so get ready for a great hunting season!