Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Successful Deer Season and BBD!

  Rifle season this year has recently closed this past Sunday and was a huge success.  One of the guys hunting at Rolling Plains Adventures harvested a buck that is currently leading the BIG buck contest this year.  This buck is a perfect ten pointer with heavy mass, a wide spread, and really tall. 
  The deer was first spotted about a mile away from where we were glassing, so a stalk was planned.  After about two hours of crawling/walking, we were within 75 yards of the big guy.  He was laying down with 2 other bucks and a doe.  It was hard to get a perfect shot with him laying down in the heavy cover, so we waited until he stood up.  This lasted about an hour until the doe stood up and minutes later the buck followed.  The sound of the bullet hitting the target was a dead giveaway that we had a BIG BUCK DOWN!  We slowly walked up to the deer, one step at a time waiting for what we would find.  I could only smile with excitement as one of our clients started jumping up and down with joy after he had seen what he harvested. 
  This was yet another great hunt that made it into the memory books.  Congrats Lee on the monster buck of 2011!