Thursday, July 18, 2013

North Dakota Pheasant Season only 3 months away!

  The North Dakota Pheasant season opener is only 3 months away.....and counting.  The guides and staff at Rolling Plains Adventures are getting very excited for this time of the year.  Its the sounds of the roosters crowing early in the morning, to the sounds of the shotguns going off, you just have to experience this to know what I am talking about. 

  North Dakota pheasant season is like a holiday...EVERYONE is out in the field chasing the wild rooster.  Pheasants are flying everywhere, laughs are had by all, and I am sure there will be missed shots!  Don't worry, we won't tell!!!

  Remember, at Rolling Plains Adventures, we offer the Fully Loaded Package.  This package allows you to hunt ducks and geese in the morning and upland / pheasants and grouse in the afternoon.  After a nice day of hunting in the field, you will have the privilege to dine in the Grand Lodge and sip on your favorite drink at the Ranch Saloon. 

All this talk about hunting and pheasant opener is getting me WAY to excited!!!!  I can't wait for the fall!  See you soon!